I own a partial interest in Section 17-15N-14W

In the past few weeks I have received several solicitations from companies interested in buying my mineral rights. Is something happening down there? New production coming on line, perhaps? Sonris Lite doesn't seem to show any change in status.

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Hello James 

My brother and I came down to look around 2 sundays ago at the 19 14 14 well pad and there was a large truck there sitting there running and there was a young man in a pickup truck so we proceeded to speak with him and I told him folks heard a lot of trucks and noise at and around section 19 14 14. and the young guy said they were around of  the corner on highway 171 Mansfield road and the ground was real wet and soggy and they almost flipped I big rig over there so they decided to park all there big trucks on well pad 19 14 14 instead of leaving them on very soggy wet ground and them getting stuck. So yes there are trucks going in 19 14 14 but just to park temporarily as they are working in the area. Yes it is GEP our section 19 company but they are also drilling  3 wells in 25 14 14 which this section that buts up against the corner of our section. So I think it's a good sign they are working on the 4 or 5 sections GEP has under contract. When my brother and I were proceeding to leave the 19 well pad we had to be very careful because about 9 or 10 big rigs rolled in to park their trucks for the day I guess . At least they are working in our area . Maybe a blessing will come to all of us in the near future.

Let me know if you or anyone hears something.


OK Thanks for the info!!!!

Hello Birdsview,

Its been a while hope all is well,

I got papers today that GEP permit to drill 4 cross unit wells in HA RA SUO and HA RA SUS in Holly Field what section is this proposed for. Thanks!

Hello there friend

This is the first I have heard of this and I appreciate the information. I will check thru my sources and see what I can find out for us. Thank you and I will be in touch.

I am interest in Sec 18 and 19-14 14 Thanks any info

I have friends in the Holly Field. They sent photos on phone of paperwork they all reserved. It was just a public notice showing how GEP plans to drain that area of Haynesville with some changes to Cross Unit laterals. It was not a permit. You are right Jay, Sonris is the best, but usually they are a few days behind owners getting this info

I do like Sonris but it takes a few days before they post updates. The TX RRC site is awful.. With so much drilling in Texas, one would think it would be more user friendly. Also Texas has the funds to do so much more than Louisiana yet they continue with the RRC site. I have a friend in Texas who has the Drilling info (I think that is name of it) that is costly but he is a professional and needs it. When I need info I have to go to him to find it. I just have a problem navigating the TX RRC one

I can't find any new permits for GEP in sections 6,7,17,18,19 of 14/14


James it should say on your notice what section it is. Are you sure it is a permit and not an application to DNR to drill in future

Any new news on Sec 18 or 19 14/14 in Kickapoo?

You should have received info in the mail showing the new drilling plan for section 18. It is NOT a permit but a plan. We sold our minerals in sec. 18. Found a great buyer. We gave up on it getting drilled anytime soon and decided to sell.


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