something is up everyone on our street got an offer todAY

17N15W003----SAMSON SENT ALL OF US A REGISTERED LETTER AND A DRAft OFFERING 1000.00 AN ACRE AND 25% i NEED SOME OF YOU TO LOOK THIS UP. I I have posted before about this section where one owner has 363 acres under lease. I believe that whoever has this lease with =the wallace heirs 17n15w003 has flipped to samson. I don't know how to ;look this up but I know there are some of you who do. Thanks ahead for your help.

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Seems pretty dang low to me....what kind of term they offering? I have a buddy who knows how to do this stuff...Ill have him take a crack at it and Ill let you know what he finds.
buck, If the section is under lease, is there a way to find out who has it leased and what percentage is leased? I know that only two lots are leased on my street(Wallace dr.) out of a total of 36. Thanks for any help.
Alleyboy --
I live on the same street. The neighbors need to get together?
hi vicki, why don't you start something James
GET TOGETHER!!!!!! It sucks everyone was busy 'getting together' and missed the high sign on bonuses. I suggest wasting your time in other ways.
Billy...there is that infamous saying: "Good things come to those who wait." We missed out on those high bonuses as well. Now, we are being offered something better...
I have since got an offer from chesapeake
how much did they offer per acre to you? they offered 1250.00 to us
Twin Cities offered me 1500 yesterday.
What street do you live on
Someone visited my neighbor wanting to lease. He told her he already had leased and she said she didn't think so until he showed her a copy. I think he said she had something to do with CK or Twin Cities or something like that. Seems to me they would have done a little homework before knocking on doors. This would be sec12-17n-15w
Maybe Twin Cities could afford to pay better rates for leases if their title work wasn't so sloppy.


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