I understand website security issues need to be addressed, but the ReCaptu pages built into Sonris make the site unusable even for one who knows how to navigate it.  The constant picture analysis to prove you are not a robot is ridiculous.  Glad my State of LA tax dollars are being spent well.


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The core problem that is causing the need to limit access to SONRIS data appears to be a lack of server capacity.  The advent of Internet bots programed to source data from SONRIS has created much greater demand.  So, the answer is to increase server capacity, or to limit non-human traffic.  Maybe we should start a Go Fund Me page for server upgrades.  Can we say, penny-wise and pound foolish?!  Of course I doubt the Office of Conservation receives much in the way of complaint from the relatively small non-industry group that regularly uses the database.

They have done nothing to fix the website issues.  In fact, it has gotten worse.  


Let's give thanks where it belongs - the legislature.  There is no political imperative to make the database more user friendly.  So it is a partisan strategy to starve the budgets of numerous state agencies of sufficient funding to operate optimally.  If the O&G industry was complaining, you'd see changes pronto.

I don't see Sonris as a tool for the industry as much as a tool for the land/mineral owner.  That is why it is so frustrating to see the misuse of tax dollars.   I just wrote a big check to the State of LA for state income taxes.  Why don't they peel of some of that?  They probably need to use it for the legislatures pet projects instead.


SONRIS has numerous uses.  The industry files much of their required paperwork through the database.  Of course that does not require prioritizing all the "search" functions that land/mineral owners use.  Much of the damage to DNR/OOC was done during the Jindal administration with the consent and active cooperation of Republicans in the legislature.  The staff is still not up to its old level that existed at the beginning of the Hayesville Shale rush.

Also John Bell is anti oil and gas.  Loves his slip and fall trial lawyers.

I disagree.  John Bel is not anti O&G, he is anti O&G not abiding by their permits and refusing to participate in negotiations to pay their fair share of environmental damage that is the result of their actions and in-actions.  Although the industry loves to conflate personal injury lawyers with environmental litigation, there is no connection.  None.  The law firms that you see on bill boards fishing for personal injury clients do not sue O&G companies. 

The issue of under-funded state agencies predates Governor Edwards and is largely the doings of Republican legislators.


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