Does anyone have any explanation for the wildly divergent reports of volume on SONRIS by GEP and the volume on which royalties are being paid by GEP?  For August, the volume reported to DNR on two adjoining sections with one cross-unit lateral and two older one section wells was 703959, but the amounts for volume on the checks on which royalties were being paid came to 466204.  Are they measuring production on a much different pressure like CHK did for a while or is something else going on that I have no understanding of?  Please explain if anyone knows anything.

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layla, please provide the well serial numbers or section-township-range location of the wells you are questioning.  The difference in volume owing to pressure and temperature reporting requirements should result in relatively small differences.  When a well produces from multiple units, you have to use the monthly volume reported under the LUW code number for the individual unit in which you own mineral rights.


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