If you are trying to catch up on the buzz about lignite production in South Arkansas, start here.


South Arkansas lignite

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The presentations have been informative.  I believe there is definitely a place for lignite in our quest for domestic energy resources.  The technology for clean coal (yes, clean!), lignite-to-synfuels, and CO2 capture and sequestration are maturing and are proving to be positive.  Strip mining - then reclamation - can even bring benefits to the forest industry.  I have pine property in Ashley County (Hamburg area).  I'm unsure if the study area includes my area or not.  I'm concerned too many people will have the negative knee-jerk reaction without learning the facts about the new lignite/coal technologies.  The USA will only be energy independent when we advance ALL the possibilities -- and lignite is one of them.  If anyone knows whether Ashley County would be specifically included in the study area, I'd like to know what you know.   Merry Christmas From Texas!!
The presentations indicated that there is lignite in the southeast corner of Arkansas, but it is relatively deep. The lignite in South Central Arkansas is either at or within 300 feet of the surface.
I live in Nevada County in Arkansas and totally missed the town hall meeting mainly because I had no idea it was scheduled  I am interested in weather we're included in the study or not any info appreciated

Hi Cathy,

Try the link to this document.  In particular, page 23 shows a map of the current study area.  Hope this helps.




The thing to remember is that if you don't personally have lignite on your property, there is tremendous potential in lignite mining. The same South Central Arkansas counties that are losing population for lack of good job opportunities -- places like Nevada, Dallas, Ouachita, Calhoun, Columbia, Clark and Cleveland -- are also the SAME places where there are the most abundant lignite deposits. Just one lignite mine and synfuel plant could provide hundreds of jobs with good payrolls, benefitting the entire economic structure of this part of Arkansas.  The Arkansas Geological Survey wants $3 million from the legislature to adequately study and assess the region's mining potential -- that's the primary reason for the drumbeat you've been hearing about lignite lately.
Thanks I found the map it does get very close to me, And yes I know how much it would help to get more jobs in this area.
I'd like to get some feedback on a potential group on GHS discussing Lignite. Any thoughts?
I know how hard it has been for me to find information and the fact that this area is limited on news any news is welcome. People are going to want to know whats going on and being informed about all possibilities pro and con will keep everyone on track. I would like to here any and all news concerning our resources in southern Arkansas and I'm sure others would too.
I would like to see a group "South Arkansas Lignite Potential" -- There is alot of info on the AGS website (http://www.geology.arkansas.gov/home/index.htm) -- but, I like hearing from the boots on the ground (so to speak). 
Under the groups shown on the Main Page is +Add a Group.  Click it and follow the prompts.
I did that -- I think it's awaiting "administrator approval".  I'm sure it will show up soon.  Thanks Keith!!
My question, does lignite reach beyond South Ark or should the group be focused on S. Ark only? I don't want to pigeon hole the group if there is potential outside of S. Ark. I know lignite is mined further south but not aware if it's currently occuring further south. Thoughts?


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