Today i received a letter from a landman who is interested in leasing my land just south of Saline in Sec 32 Township14N Range6W. Has anyone else on this site been contacted about leasing in this area. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Thanks, Ted.  I've not heard of any leasing in that area and it would be an eleven mile step out from the closest producing Haynesville Shale wells in 13&24 - 14N-9W.  14N-9W has a lot of activity, good wells and multiple operators (Aethon, CHK/SWN, Comstock).  Tellurian has a few wells and some undrilled permits but I doubt they will continue to develop as I hear the company is looking to sell.  The closest HA drilling unit (not drilled) is in 35-14N-7W by Aethon formed 2/14/2023.  That field order is good indefinitely so Aethon can sit on it as long as they wish.  The closest HA well permit was by Aethon in 4-9 14N-8W but expired 6/28/2022. 

As far as seeking replies from other land/mineral owners in your general vicinity, I suggest that you post a discussion on the Bienville Parish Group page.  When you do that, all the members of the group should get an email alerting them to your new discussion.  That doesn't happen when you post your discussion here on the Main Page of the website.  The right mineral owners would have to check out the Main Page before your discussion rotates off.  Use this link and post on the Bienville Group page.  Good luck.

Thanks, Skip. as an. absentee landowner i have always appreciated your insight and wisdom on this site. We had a vertical well drilled   on the property in 2001 but the bad ole P & A got us. Anyway, thanks again for sharing your knowledge and I'll keep looking for that four leaf clover! 



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