(The Shreveport Times)
South Caddo residents protest Chesapeake drilling
May 14, 2009

Wielding signs decrying Chesapeake Energy Corp, wearing makeshift masks over their faces and displaying photos of cats, dogs and cows, about 15 demonstrators marched in front of the Regions Bank building in downtown Shreveport today, charging that the company is killing animals and causing illnesses.

Carrying signs with slogans like, “Fraud is Fraud I was cheated by Chesapeake and Goodrich”, “We’re at risk, please protect us”, “Toxic chemicals, dead cows, are we next”? the protestors descended on the building where Chesapeake’s local office is located.

“I want them to come out and be good, be honest and have integrity,” said C. C. Canady, president of United Neighbors for Oil and Gas Rights, which claims 23,000 members. Canady started the group about two years ago after several residents of rural Caddo Parish complained that they were unfairly treated when asked to lease their mineral rights.

“We know Chesapeake isn’t going anywhere, but we want them to provide better living conditions for the people and animals in this community,” she said.

Canady and members of the group live in the south Caddo Parish area where 17 head of cattle died last month after, invegastigators say, they likely drank a substance that flowed from a natural gas well site and into a pasture. Analysis of the substance confirmed that it contained elevated chlorides, oil and grease and some organic compounds.
Canady say she witnessed some of the deaths and reported that the cows appeared to have swollen bellies.

She promises many more organized protests.

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Your comment: "Hey just come drill in my backyard. You will have to move and your neighbors will be stuck."
1. I have not moved and not leased (not my section) but at my back door.(across my bayou) in Benton.

2. What does WTF mean?
Peoplel raise these cows to be slaughtered, they are not pets. Unless you are a vegetarian stop feeling sorry for these poor cows. Watch a PETA film on what goes on at the slaughter houses, then you will know why they put fences around them and keep people out. There are always two sides to every story. I think greed plays a big part in this story, if you want to stand up for a cause at least stand up for the right reasons and not hide behind these poor farm animals.

Hold on guys! Before I get rolled up in the carpet and left at a Frac site in my undies w/RSP's stuffed in my mouth, I would like to clear up a thing or two. Please see link provided for comment I left moments after my post on this topic last night on another discussion. I agree wholeheartedly that we must keep the O&G's feet to the fire. But to assume that there arent people out there with an agenda against the Big ole O&G that would use any and every opportunity to hinder arent looking at the whole picture either, IMO.

Any and all stages, of this drilling process are one nasty mother, with great opportunity to fudge up and destroy the ecology that surrounds the whole area. Yet if we take their money, knowing full well that someone has to get one stuck in their yard, where does that put us in the line of accountability ? People that take said lease with todays understanding and then complain about it being in there back yard really dont have a leg to stand on. If these people are surface owners only, while their complaint may be justified, it appears sometimes simply as spilled milk.

While there are whackos that blow up abortion clinics and kill Dr.'s that perform them, in the name of saving lives, there are just as many, or even more, weirdo greenies that burn down new million dollar neighborhoods that are under construction because they are protecting the environment. Or that get in front of fishing vessels because those hooks hurt the fishes mouth and think I should be perfectly happy eating sea kelp and drinking the juice of water chestnuts, just like they are, because animals are our friends (and in some cases, maybe Aunts and Uncles too).

Let me state again that we must stay on top of this thing. Our lands are a precious commodity and once spoiled , may never be brought back to pristine. But just because someone yells "foul" doesnt make it so and should be treated as such (unproven) until the facts are evident.
Playing cards with the devil comes at a price. Better make sure of that price before hand or be real confident with the hand you are playing.

P.S. You are right Earlene. If it was one of "my babies" the National Guard would have already been called in to try & calm the situation.:-)

Human life doesnt carry near the weight of importance , that it once did. After nearly 50,000,000 legal abortions in the U.S. since 1973, it has almost become second nature to us as a society, to overlook the ones that cant protect themselves. 1.4 million a year. 3,900 a day. That averages out to a death every 22 seconds.
Protecting those that cant look out for themselves used to be a feature that helped separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom. Now we just seem to be callous and with little need for the inconvenience brought about by an unexpected pregnancy.
Sorry folks, it's not that complicated of a problem for me. Somebody was asleep at the well (No pun intended). If I was that farmer, I'd be fit to be tied. If you can't keep a better control on a lease than that, then keep your azzes off my place. I don't need your freaking money that bad. Slow the hell down and watch what your doing. I don't care if cost $25,000 dollars day or $50,000 you have a obligation as a business and a steward of this community to be professional. Now, do I think CHK operates like this all the time, probably not, but they need to take this event very serious. Whether it was careless operation or negligent, they made a bad mistake. I'm not saying that more events like this aren't going to happen, because they will. But in my world, it's ok too make a mistake, just don't make the same one twice.

That's so nice of you. I'm looking for a glass of milk now.
You are right on again Earlene, as usual.
This dance that takes place between Cinderella Mineral Owner and the Evil Warlord O&G is one that has taken place for a couple hundred years now and only until recently , did Cinderella even have a clue as to what was going on. Now may even have a bit of a chance to keep from getting hosed.
Because of the internet and the speed at which info travels, it is easier for us to be enlightened & to get on top of things. Mix that with the fact that O&G's have been notoriously bad bedfellows with eyes on them like mad at all times and you have the makings of a partnership built in Hades! (LOL)

But alas, if they still want to dance and so does Cinderella, then dance. If you have decided to sign a lease, you must have been comfortable with your decission, at the time. If not you wouldnt have signed. You may not feel as comfortable after the fact but that is something that you have absolutely no control over now. Hind sight being what it is and all, blah blah blah.

If you havent signed a lease, you had better do your homework. If you have decided to go it alone, put your big boy/girl , drawers/panties on cause you are gonna need them. You owe it to yourself and to your neighbors to get the best possible lease that you can. If in a group setting you feel more comfortable, then be everything that you can be for that group. Learn as much as you can and be a positive member. If all you want to do is beach about everything, then stay at home and keep your trap shut because you will do nothing but hinder the group and yourself by being a distraction and help keep them from making the best deal they can.

Even if your neighbors have already signed, your lease could offer them some protection depending on their proximity to you and the wording of your lease. You are indeed your brothers keeper. Even if they didnt view it that way when they signed their lease.
Right on DCH ,

If you are going to be the king of the hill, you have to take responsibility for your actions, whether accidental or not. No room for rookie mistakes. Our clean water supply will be much more important to everyone in another 10 years or so. Maybe even more important then this gas. I can live without gas (hottie wife could prolly use the break! HA!HA!HA!) Sorry about that one.......But we can not survive without a clean,ample supply of drinking water. If these companies cant handle the heat, in the words of Jack Blake...off with their heads and bring in the next guy that is willing to take better care of or ecosystem while doing biz on the Haynesville Shale.
I agree with you, it's not all CHK's fault. Botton line line though, Who hired Schlumberger and who's lease is it. It's CHK job to monitor Schlumberger when they are preforming work on their lease. CHK have their people on the site, and their job is to monitor what Schlumberger is doing. Somebody had their head up their azz and it wasn't the farmer.
The cows are an unfortunate accident.

What people fail to realize is that these big bad corporations have human beings that work for them. No one purposely poisoned the cows and no one has any glee for their suffering. The responsible party will PAY for their mistake and will put necessary precautions into place to prevent it from happening in the future.

I am in no way saying that we don't do everything to protect our property, but I see this as an unfortunate mistake. Nothing more, nothing less.
I don't think, I said, big bad corporations anywhere. Those are your words not mine. You don't know if it was unfortunate mistake, or gross neglect, there's a difference. What if (and I'm sure they do) Schlumberger has rules in place, that a employee didn't follow that led up to this, either because the employee was lazy or tried to cut corners. Is it still a unfortunate accident, NO!! People need to slow down when they post, and think about the big picture.
That is where we disagree, Buck. I'd say the customer who spilled it in his or her own lap is responsible. Neither McDonalds nor the coffee maker.
I don't think Mr. Buck said the customer spilled it, I think he said Mc Donald's spilled it, read a little closer.



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