(The Shreveport Times)
South Caddo residents protest Chesapeake drilling
May 14, 2009

Wielding signs decrying Chesapeake Energy Corp, wearing makeshift masks over their faces and displaying photos of cats, dogs and cows, about 15 demonstrators marched in front of the Regions Bank building in downtown Shreveport today, charging that the company is killing animals and causing illnesses.

Carrying signs with slogans like, “Fraud is Fraud I was cheated by Chesapeake and Goodrich”, “We’re at risk, please protect us”, “Toxic chemicals, dead cows, are we next”? the protestors descended on the building where Chesapeake’s local office is located.

“I want them to come out and be good, be honest and have integrity,” said C. C. Canady, president of United Neighbors for Oil and Gas Rights, which claims 23,000 members. Canady started the group about two years ago after several residents of rural Caddo Parish complained that they were unfairly treated when asked to lease their mineral rights.

“We know Chesapeake isn’t going anywhere, but we want them to provide better living conditions for the people and animals in this community,” she said.

Canady and members of the group live in the south Caddo Parish area where 17 head of cattle died last month after, invegastigators say, they likely drank a substance that flowed from a natural gas well site and into a pasture. Analysis of the substance confirmed that it contained elevated chlorides, oil and grease and some organic compounds.
Canady say she witnessed some of the deaths and reported that the cows appeared to have swollen bellies.

She promises many more organized protests.

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They'd about have to throw it through the drive through window for that to happen. I read it pretty closely and he didn't ay a word about a McDonalds employee spilling it. He said the coffee came from McDonalds and was spilledin your lap. I see one thing, you see another. Is the very reason to have a good lease. Can I get an AMEN, KB!

Ok, let's just put it this way. If a Mc Donalds employee spilled hot coffee in your lap, Mc Donalds is responsible. Now that we have cleared that up, we can move on.
Ok, I'm advising Jay
If a doctor preforms surgergy, and it doesn't go well, the doctor and the hospital both get sued. The doctor for botching the operation, and the hospital for hiring the doctor.
No different here, it's pretty common sense stuff even for a high school drop-out. Let's just watch and and see who's right. Heck, I might as well say it, I'm right. No sense in beating around the bush with it.
Excuse me, guys, this may be a good place to ask this. Has anyone seen released report from the state veterinarian yet about what may or may not have been the "cause of death" for those cattle? (As for me, determining who did this and when, how & why ... I'll leave that up to the investigators & law enforcement.) I've seen an official release from DEQ about the recent (near) Mansfield blow-out, but can't find any kind of state vet's report.

Any help is appreciated - sesport :0)
If we did that, then nobody would put their foot into their mouth.I will, however for you, go out on a limb. Those cows didn't die of natural causes or lightning strike.
SG - Thanks. As for dogs, I don't let them near anything that I don't give them. That's why they're always on leash.

Best - sesport :0)
DC - Bless your heart ... thanks for that opinion. I'm familiar enough with cattle to know that an entire pasture littered with them lying in a postion of 4 feet up in the air means that something unnatural happened to them ... didn't think it was a filming of a remake of Monty Python. Just looking for the scientific conclusions.
There you go being mistrustful, KB.
Can you say ...... Recombinant Bovine Growth Harmone (rBGH) ?
One of those deadly little reports that we expect our paid government entities to look out for and protect us from.
KB, you must be one of your best clients.
You read way too much into my comment. I merely meant that you appear to view most everything through lawyerly eyes. It was intended to be humorous. Guess you didn't think so. My apologies.
As sodium chloride was mentioned, this is some of what I've read.


As I'm no veterinarian, I'll reserve my opinion until I hear from one or read the report. I do wonder, when the toxin is identified and if it is discovered to be from frac fluids (as there are a whole host of cattle toxins), whether the toxic chemical is esential to the fluids or whether it can be removed for safety & health reasons.



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