Actually a Landman just approached us again in October for Haynesville in Angelina County Chandler Johnson A 19 that our family is trying to lease. Not sure who he works for. What Oil Company is currently re-engaging South Lufkin mineral owners???

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Where in Angelina County is the Chandler Johnson Ab. 19 located?

Chandler Johnson A-19 in Southern Lufkin, Texas part of Haynesville Shale.
Deeper Drilling Technology has caught up so we have been contacted again this month of 2013. In 2010 the market then changed so lease never done with Encana then.

Our minerals are around Zavalla and south of Huntington. Are they in the play?


We leased recently in Walker county. It was mentioned that we had unleased minerals in Angelina County. The landman quickly said don't lease until you talk to us.

Thank you for the maps.


Thanks Mike

I would like to see some sort of geological overlays for the Chandler Johnson A-19 survey, so what is considered to be there can be better understood.

Yes, the Chandler Johnson survey my brothers inherited from my grandfather stretches under FM 1818 midway between Dibol and Zavalla. And seeing the pad has already been laid down on Google Earth, it looks when the Landman told us they're ready to start immediately, they mean it. From the Drilling Permit, the well has been dubbed Bigfoot, and they are using top notch equipment that will enable them to go 20,000 ft vertical and laterally out close to 10,000 ft. A major shift from the older technologies used by some companies!

Please see the thread I also started for more current updates...

That's great news. Thanks for the aerial photo. We have unleased minerals due east and due north of that lease. Keep us posted. I hope it makes a gusher.

Thank you, Caddo. We all definitely hope it's going to be a gusher too!


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