Special Report: Inside Chesapeake, CEO ran $200 million hedge fund


Will Tom Ward receive the same scrutiny at Aubrey?

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Yep, Methane, did I spell the gas correctly?


Are you using it as a proper noun?

Aubrey has always operated on ego and his staff are the most arrogant group that ever lived. However that company has been a sink hole for years. They treat owners like trash under their feet and look for every loophole to cheat them. I am sure their book look as good as Enron on any given day. However even Enron stock was over 49.00 dollars the week before it crashed. Aubrey and his group need to go but its too little too late for Chk to recover anytime soon.

One of their royalties owners showed me her stubs 3 months ago...the same amount produced with NFR as Cheasapeake paid nearly twice the money.  She asked me why and being full of it  I told her they cheated someway...now we find they had a way to sell the production to themselves for less then market.  This alone is what will sink them... 

You know long ago my farmer daddy told me that what knocks most people down is their own arrogance. Arrogance. 

I see that he was right. 

He also said that what messed with most relationships was unrealistic expections of other..he sure was right on that.;

if is Cheasapeake. you are completely right . Other companies were paying at least 20 percent more. They are holding hidden expenses and they do not want to talk about it


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