I see Tellurian have been permitted 5 additional wells in the Bracky Branch Field section 25-36-14N-10W. When these wells are drilled is there any likelihood Tellurian would turn their attention to drilling in the Bossier shale on these sections. I have no idea how much land Tellurian have leased but they are self-funding their Driftwood LNG project at this time and may be for some time.

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There are only three wells permitted by Tellurian for those sections so I think you are referring to a "spacing order".  I could go into the difference between a field order that approves lateral slot spacing and actual well permits but to get to your specific question, there is a realistic chance that the Bossier Shale would be economic in those sections.

Hi Skip, looking at SONRIS and see 2 approved on 04/28/2022 in the name of Scott and 3 approved on 06/14/2022 in the name of Graham.

Got it.  You are correct as to the number of wells.  As to the Bossier potential, I have not identified any wells labeled as Bossier in that township.  However there are some on my list that are immediately east so I think there is a strong possibility of economic Bossier reserves.

9&16&21 -14N-9W


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