We were recently approached by a ONEOK rep regarding the STERLING III and a right of way on our property and im looking for anybody who has already negotiatied and what they recieved per rod, also how do they determine what your trees are worth, this is all very new and im as confused as one person could be. Any help or guidance in the issue would be very appreciated. thank you so much

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Hi Kent, let me share my experience when the tiger pipeline came through my property 2 years ago. Get an attorney when first contacted. If the right of way is beyond 50 fro for the permanent row watch out they have other plans for your property. I was pressured for a 100ft permanent row with no explanation why. Turns out they wanted an electrical line. With no additional payment.I fought them they ended up with a 50ft plus the temporary after payment for timber etch there initial offer was less than 3000.00 ended up with 15,000 .also make sure you have your temporary row reverts back to you upon completion of construction.


there are other threads on this site that you should read regarding pipeline ROWs.  But here's my two cents.

Kim Caswell is right -- have an experienced o&g or land attorney review your agreement.  You need to make sure the agreement allows only one pipeline.  Also, make sure they ROW is not permanent.  Ensure that when the pipeline is no longer in use, the ROW expires.  This may be in 100 years, but it will be worth it to your heirs.  As to timber and other damages -- have them pay you X  dollars per acre, up front.  They will likely overpay you, just so they don't have to argue over it.  

henry - thank you for your imput,  you seem very knowledgable on this subject, so I'd like to ask you another question,   what would you say is a safe distance for a pipeline like STERLING III to be from someones home, i ask this because this line will be less than 200ft from my front door and that seems a little to close for comfort.


I have no idea how far from one's home is a good distance.  I granted a ROW on my land, but no one lives anywhere near it, so it was not an issue for me.  

Kent - You might try posting on the "District 3" group as some of use are excited to have that pipeline coming through the area.  

dbob- please dont misunderstand me i am not against the pipeline by any means, im just simply trying to fine out what i should be getting paid for the right of way,  do you know what others have been paid per rod, i just dont want to get taken, if you have any suggestions on where i might look for that info it would be greatly appreciated.  thank you

Kent there are a lot of people excited about this pipeline when it doesn't cross their property but your the person that has to live with it

Kent - again - some of the district three folks may not read the front page regularly.  use the search function as I think the pricing has been discussed.  As for distance from the house, 200' is probably considered "safe" but I would prefer it a further distance if it were my property.  The pipeline will likely cost in excess of $100/linear foot, so big changes are unlikely.  the more of your property they need, the more likely you'll be able to get a bit of shift on their part.  


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