Can an individual mineral rights owner request a survey platt be loaded to sonris?

If so, what is the procedure?    Will they respond to the procedure and load it?

Has anybody here done this successfully?

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Jed, all the unit surveys that have been submitted are entered in the database with the possible exception of any submitted but not yet reviewed, approved and entered in the database.  There continue to be some unit survey plats that have not been submitted but the number of delinquent surveys has fallen rapidly since 2018.  I lobbied the Office of Conservation and the Governor to enforce the regulation that requires that surveys are due 90 days after first production.  I recruited a few well placed friends to also write letters.  Hint:  they are O&G attorneys.  Obviously that regulation was ignored for ten years.  The OOC has now issued compliance orders to all Haynesville shale operators to submit their delinquent surveys.  The compliance order requires submission of 12 surveys per quarter, 48 per year until all the surveys have been submitted.  If you will go to my personal page, friend me and send me an email at the address listed there, I'll tell you how to go about requesting a specific survey.  Out of respect for the OOC staffers that handle this, I'll not post that information in an open discussion thread.


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