We have been getting an unusual amount of offers to buy our mineral rights to Section 28 in DeSoto Parish.  The offers are very high and there is only one producing well in this Section.  Does anyone have any info on possible new drilling or planned activity?

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Edith,  there are many Section 28s in DeSoto Pairsh, one in fact in each township.  In order to know which 28 you refer to, we need the township and range.  This would look something like this:  Section 28 - Township 12 North, Range 14 West.  Or 28-12N-14W.  That information would be on your lease.  If you can't find or figure it out, you can try providing some other location information such as a crossroad or other easily found spot.

Everyone is getting offers to buy minerals, anywhere and everywhere.  It is true that those making the offers prefer to buy mineral rights in locations that are due to get new wells in the near future.  Many offers are now the highest in the history of the Haynesville Shale.  As to value, location and remaining undeveloped reserves are important also.

I found this on a statement: GRAY 28-13-14-H-1A.  Could this be correct?

Sorry for the confusion.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Thanks for your response.

That's it, Edith.  Section 28 has one Haynesville well.  It is in an area proven for Bossier Shale also.  What this means, and that you should know because I assure you those making offers know, is that you will eventually get eleven additional wells, 5 Haynesville and 6 Bossier.  At this time there is no public record indication of SWN's intent to drill more wells in the immediate future.  When SWN decides to put wells in S28 on their drilling schedule, the first thing that they must do is send a notice letter to you and all the other mineral and surface owners on the Interested Party list that shows the location of the wells they would like to drill.  Once the mineral buyers see that, you'll get more letters maybe a phone call or two and the offer amount will go up.  Sometime later, SWN will apply for "permits to drill", there is no requirement for notice to Interested Parties for that step but mineral buyers will see it in the database and you'll get more letters/calls and the offer amounts will go up again.  When a rig shows up to drill the wells, more letters/calls and higher offers.  That's the way it works.  Good luck.


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