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No matter how simple or elementary you explain the practical benefit of using NG for transportation to reduce dependence on foreign oil, to reduce carbon emission, or to save money....the average "Joe Public" and almost all of the media people seem to be incapable of hearing it. It's just not a comprehensible alternative to them. They will instantly take a position of wanting to drill, baby, drill "our own" if we had enough...or they wander off on the topic of "renewable" resources such as wind and solar. Doesn't matter that you are talking about transportation. Their minds don't compute that natural gas can fuel their automobile.
Thanks for posting!
I also don't understand why natural gas is not in the forefront of our energy policy. It makes me wonder if the powers that be really want us off OPEC oil. Perhaps it's the controversy over fracing? Lack of union workers? Coal has many union members.

I was bewildered during the 2008 presidential campaign when NEITHER Obama or McCain said much about natural gas. We just hear a lot of talk about "renewables" that are years away from a big impact - but we ignore the cleanest fuel right under our feet.
My feeling is the union control imposed on Obama and this administration is slowing the process to move toward more NG usage. The administration has a goal to reward the unions that got them elected to the detriment of anything else on the agenda. Only voting them out will opportunites for more NG usage. We can only wish for more informed support from Mr. McCain - he confuses me.
if we didnt have a vested interest in natural gas, we would look at things differently also.
That's true Ray. If we didn't have Haynesville under our feet, I know I would be much less knowledgeable about the power we have in terms of energy resource in this country. But if someone told me about it, I do think I would be able to hear them and realize that we need to utilize our abundance of natural gas.
As Boone Pickens says...if we don't use it, we are the dumbest people on the planet.
We can only hope that the politicians will see TBP's positiont that NG is at worst the fuel to buy time for wind mill and solar energy to drive the electrical grid. The politicians evidently are not getting enough of our (NG) money. Sad state.
Yes, Americans are becoming sheep and just following. We need to "stand up and be counted"; if people were deprived of natural gas for awhile or the price very high, they would take notice. Also, natural gas generators, etc. should be made cheaper and used more often. If the price were right, more would be in homes,for emergencies etc. We should form an organization I think, and work with TBP and push for reasons for natural gas use---economy, national security, jobs, independence for our nation as energy is the main thing in operations, clean environment, etc. There is an old saying "too much fluoride in the water" (makes people meek, calm, "laid back" and I have been told and read that politicans could control behavior with it---LOL I do not believe that is really done, but it would be interesting to research it). WE NEED TO HELP OURSELVES BE MORE AMBITIOUS FOR US AND FUTURE GENERATIONS. YES, WE CAN DEVELOP OTHER TYPE S OF ENERGY, BUT NOW WE NEED OUR OWN AND GAS IS WHAT WE HAVE.
Our health, national security, economic well-being (would have the tax base for jobs, state and local govts. education, health care, welfare, etc.). We need not be passive as there is POWER in numbers and we can be assertive and even aggressive. God gave blessings in the form of natural resources and the use is up to us. ANY COMMENTS?
I don't know Ray. I am far from an expert but it seems there are a lot of contradictions out there. The "environmentalist" want less greenhouse gas but are opposed to natural gas because we have to drill. We would also have to drill to deposit enormous amounts of carbon dioxide from coal powered electrical plants. Liberals want to end tampering in foreign affairs when we are totally dependent on the foreiners for our transportation needs. I agree we would be less informed ( I had never heard of the Barnett Shale), but if the "experts" are correct about the amount of natural gas in all the new plays, we are crazy if we don't start migrating to natural gas. Wind and solar are great ideas. But, even if the technology develops (breakthrough developements) you still need natural gas on windless nights. As with all issues politics trumps common sense. We need more common sense in this country. So far I have not heard of a good reason not to use OUR resources. I fear that our whole area will look like a giant compressor station before this is over but I don't mind if we stop buying islands for people who want us dead.
Boone would be well advised to have other people do his campaigning for him. He needs to be a DISTANT partner in the effort to push for nat gas as a vehicular fuel. He can fund the campaign, but if he's the face of it.... it fails every time.

What Boone doesn't understand is the potency of class envy to quash even the most logical of solutions to our national energy dependence on foreign supplies.

Silly Boone. He's so smart in some arena's, yet so dumb in others.
Big Iron,
I'm curious...and interested in your comment regarding class envy. Would you elaborate on that concept..., such as who (political ? general ?) would be among those that envy?
I've been trying to understand what causes people to turn their brains off the very instant the topic of natural gas is entered into a discussion.
No problem. Background: I'm just a rancher so I don't have a long experience/history in O&G. But I am currently in a "poostorm" discussion on another blog (conservative politically) where I started a (Boone's Right) thread. I detailed the fact that he's at least right about vast reserves of nat gas and the value of using it as vehicular fuel.

Even on a conservative blog (where you'd think they'd celebrate entreprenuerial success), there are many people who attack the plan and Boone. They "say" it's because Boone want's tax dollar assistance. No amount of logical explanation about "pay go" or "net tax dollar neutral" gets through after that.

Conservatives are fighting their basic instincts to hate Boone. Imagine how easy it is for liberals to hate him (even though his green message is designed specifically for them).

It is my opinion that it is class envy (not political flavor), that elicits that response.

When you bring the subject of Boone up in conversation, you get one of two responses:
1. they respect and admire him.
2, they think he's out to fleese the public to line his own pocket.

If one takes the time to read up on Boone, the vast majority of folks would choose response 1.

How many people take the time to do anything like read or study today?

Heres an example. This guy is an investor blog (not the blog I referred to above). Most of the time they lean conservative. But he posts this BS, coats it with "I respect Boone", but continues to lambast him with half truths and FALSE scare tactics.

It is my opinion that folks like this are, at the base... tainted with class envy. Could be wrong, but I don't think I am.

That's why I think in order to be successful, the cause needs a different face. And I'm a BIG Boone fan.


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