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Hey Big Iron, you are so correct -- propaganda is in so much of our daily lives and work! I think I majored and specialized in JERKS ! I am so glad when I see people read and analyze, etc. So many just read and believe--not using any prudence. (I have taught reading to adults.) Half truths and half lies is the propaganda technique called Card Stacking. Indeed, there is a lot of envy and and jealousy which I think is one of the worst characteristics one can have. You made my day!!! What do you mean--"Just a rancher"--I think that is wonderful!! You could join NARO and wear the big hats--I have seen that at NARO. LOL WE NEED TO PROMOTE OUR NATURAL GAS, ORGANIZE, AND BECOME A TEAM. WE NEED TO WORK WITH OUR CONGRESSMEN, LEGISLATORS, ETC. WE HAVE A LOT TO WORK WITH AS THE TAX BASE COULD BE KEPT AT HOME AND USED FOR EDUCATION, WELFARE, HEALTH CARE, MAKE A BIGGER TAXPAYER OUT OF US (LOL), BECOME INDEPENDENT FROM FOREIGN OIL, AND THE ISSUE OF NATIONAL SECURITY AND CLEAN ENVIRONMENT SHOULD BE MAJOR. COMMENTS ANYONE????
One of the biggest complaints I have about Mr. Picken's public campaign on behalf of NG is that I never see numbers that I would consider critical for a reasonable evaluation of his proposals. For instance - repeated over and over (including on his website) is the recalibration of reserve calculations to "over 100 years worth of natural gas", but I believe that is based solely on current usage levels and historically based usage increase projections. If anyone is going to propose dramatically increasing the use of natural gas, shouldn't they also recalculate what our reserves will be based on such an increase. Why can't they do an equivalent BTU calculation for the fuels they propose to replace so we can see how fast changes would necessarily use up natural gas reserves? I have seen some calculations by smart people that make the new natural gas reserves look less positive in this regard (I am not talking about Berman, he does not qualify as "smart" in my book). I really would like to see more analysis along those lines.

On the other hand, I think it is inaccurate to label "environmentalists" as all opposed to increased natural gas usage. I believe that there is significant support for natural gas as a bridge fuel for reducing carbon dioxide production and fossil fuel pollution in the near term. Even the Sierra Club came out in favor of more domestic natural gas production and use this spring.
This is the kind of information that needs more promoting. My hat is off to the Sierra Club for taking what I would bet is an unpopular sentiment amoung their peers. It goes further to disclose that the administration's position on ignoring NG is purely political and not scientific. It goes further to show the incredible power that the unions have on our leaders. The coal unions are huge Democrat supporters. I am more hopeful after reading your post. Thanks.
John, I am more hopeful after reading this in the early a.m. sitting up with a sick one. I suppose we all are concerned in our own way. We do need to be more assertive and strive to improve the natural gas situation. The abundance, as we know, (Law of Supply and Demand) will keep the price down and keep drilling down. Eventually, they will have to start shutting in wells and stacking rigs. We have to have the DEMAND to use the gas. I know there are many smart ones among us and we need to organize, and strive to pressure the legislators, congessman, reps of all sorts and acquire the support of the public in making America independent and proud again. WE COULD PROVIDE JOBS, CLEAN ENVIRONMENT, HAVE MORE AND PAY MORE TAXES, AND KEEP THE TAX MONEY IN OUR STATES FOR EDUCATION, WELFARE, CHURCHES, CHARITY. I DO NOT WANT THEM TO MAKE THIS GREAT NATION A POOR ONE. TOO MANY HAVE BEEN WOUNDED, HANDICAPPED AND DIED FOR OUR FREEDOM. I WOULD LOVE FOR US TO STRIVE TO IMPROVE IT TOO!!!


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