Tea Party - April 15th, 5 o'clock at Bossier Municipal Complex

Come one come all.

(Looks like the something got too hot for the boss...:-)

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johnlena clifford said ya'll share tea all the time, but he said ya'll like a good tossed salad with your tea
Here are some of the right-wing extremists that showed up in Bossier City yesterday...:-)

So where were all you people when the Bush administration was doubling our national debt? Not a peep out of you. Why didn't you start these protests when Bush handed $800 billion to Wall Street with no strings attached? I'll tell you why. FOX News, where most of you get 100% of your misinformation and opinions, didn't tell you to. These protests would not be taking place if a Democrat was not in office, no matter how badly the government is spending and borrowing.

This is pure unadulterated hypocrisy and ignorance in action. Fortunately these 'tea parties' are little more than wakes for the dying Republican Party. Good riddance.
John, I did speak out when Bush and a Rep. congress were on their spending spree. This is not about party.

In that case I commend you. I've been carping about the national debt since Reagan was President. Always against the counter-arguments of Republicans who claimed that the debt was really not that significant. I'm not happy with the current tactic of trying to spend our way out of this depression, in principle. I just don't see any better ideas coming from the Republican side. Tax cuts for the wealthy simply have not worked. We've tried that. To think that this will work now, after nearly 3 decades of lowering taxes, all accompanied by the death of our economy, is a form of collective insanity. We may need to spend to 'prime the pump' so to speak. To get people back to work in sectors like renewable energy, high speed rail and scientific research, which have a strong potential for future growth and will contribute to a necessary infrastructure to stay competitive with other countries. If tax cuts actually worked to stimulate the economy, without necessitating massive government borrowing, then I would be the first to champion that idea. This simply hasn't been the case.
Also John, true to your point the Republicans don't seem to have any majic answers. There are possibly no majic answers. I just think more thought and debate needs to go on before setting this budget in stone. All the states saying they don't want the money. I can just imagine how most of it will get spent. The Euros, even the freakin communist Chinese think this a bad idea.
John I think alot of us did have a problem when Bush and Congress hurried the TARP funding through. I know I wrote my Senators and Congressman to try and stop it. Seems a little rediculous to me to be able to send all these billions of free money to Wall Street, and not be able to keep the auto companies rolling at least in some form with the millions of more blue collar type jobs that will be affected.

I think this whole tea party thing goes beyond the parties. Our federal government is out of control. It almost seems as though they can't be stopped at this point. I for one am a little scared by that. This debt will hang over our heads for generations. Our economy needs to continually grow to pay this back. Seeing resource depletion coming on like it is now, it may never get paid back and we risk becoming insolvent as a country. I didn't make the party yesterday in my town, but I plan to make the next one for sure!


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