SB 1186/HB 1318—relating to the regulation of brine mining wells by Senator Bryan Hughes and
Representative Drew Darby. This bill gives the RRC authority to seek primacy over Class V brine
mining wells for extraction, rather than injection that currently exists. Many of our east Texas members are likely familiar with the Smackover Formation. This bill is to address the many wells being
drilled in the Smackover Formation. This bill became effective immediately—May 27, 2023.
SB 28- Relating to financial assistance provided and programs administered by the Texas Water Development Board by Chairman Charles Perry. SB 28 creates the New Water Supply for Texas Fund
to be administered by the Texas Water Development Board. The bill passed and will need approval
from the residents of Texas in the November election. It is Proposition 6 on the ballot.
HB 19—Relating to the creation of a specialty trial court to hear certain cases; authorizing fees by
Chairman Andrew Murr. This bill creates the business courts system in Texas. While this doesn’t
sound like it will impact our members, due to a clause addressing contractual amounts, public companies, and no exemption for real property, it may send royalty disputes to the business court. The
given timeframe in the bill indicates it will take years to fully implement and establish these courts.
We are continuing to monitor this.

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Thanks for the update, Janene.


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