Wanted to announce the birth of our son, Keith Michael Mauck, Jr. Keith Jr was born on March 7th and weighed in at 6lbs and 6oz. Just a little guy. He and mom are both doing well. Very excited to have a son to compliment our 2 beautiful daughters. Indeed, we are blessed.



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Congratulations, Keith on your gift from heaven, a little bundle of joy!  Bennie Harville
Kieth, what a fine looking young man. Start stocking the frig right now and you may stay ahead of him
That's funny and thanks!
Congratulations Keith, a boy will carry the family name, Mauck, into the future.

what a beautiful baby keith !

congratulations and thanks for sharing.


Congratulations Mauck family!  I agree with Martin, you'll need two fridges now.

Thanks again everyone. He is gaining weight and sleeping longer and longer.

Oh my goodness!  He's darling!!!  Look at those cheeks and that contented smile. :)  Thanks for sharing.

Good thing he's sleeping more. Those first few months are not easy, especially with it being # 3.

Congratulations on surviving! 


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