i ran across this WSJ article on shale gas and liked the exciting sounding title. the article does focus on the long term affects of the world wide abundance of shale gas and how it "could" reshape the world. it's worth a read..IMHO, 

Huge discoveries of natural gas promise to shake up the energy markets and geopolitics. And that's just for starters.




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Hey KJ,


Saw this article a while ago and previously posted on GHS at that time.    Not to many folks caught/noticed it at that time, however, so well worth the repost.


Hope 2011 is starting out well for ya.



The overseas NG is interesting to me for it being a game changer outside of the US.  Right now the technology is not widespread, but in 5 years it could be.  We might be in a long term NG discovery phase. Now, we just have to find new uses for all this gas.  I would not be surprised to see more of our Good Old Boys getting jobs overseas because they are among the few who have worked on a deep shale rig.


Good luck LSU Tigers today ... but, GO DUCKS! in the National Championship!!!









Logger---hope the LSU Tigers do as well as my FROGS did in the Rose Bowl-- I do beleive they can beat the Aggies--- However the DUCK will have problem with AUBURN. The Tigers will have alittle Duck for Dinner Monday night.

This is not 1957 and will make up for their  13-0 undefeated 2004 year when they did not play for National Championship. This year will be the first offical National Championship for Auburn

adubu,  sorry, we have a 12th man ... Uncle Phil Knight.  This is the year of the Nike Duck. 


I bet Uncle Phil has 20 investigators in Alabama looking into the quarterback's background.   Uncle Phil will know more about that kid than his parents do.  He will know about the preacher man than his own wife knows. 


Sure, we ought to win the game on the field but we're OREGON.  We are a blue dog democratic state that believes in regulations :)  


(note fellas, all of the above is just friendly trash talk.  Thanks for supporting Nike and Uncle Phil.)


Logger---that a twist did not know liberal democraties believed in or followed any regulations--most colleges (including Oregon and Pac-10) have the best players money can buy.                               lmao
Logger----Due to fact the Duck beat Stanford convincing I'll hedge and say it would not surprise me if the ducks win. Also the Heisman trophy winner rarely wins the National Championship Game


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