Thoughts on Anadarko's upcoming hearing to drill in the Elm Grove Field?

Does anyone want to share their thoughts on Anadarko having a "Commissioner of C." hearing to permit four Haynesville Zone, Reservoir A cross-unit lateral alternate unit wells in 11 16N 11W and 2 16N 11W?

Looks like the two western laterals will run about 6500 feet (or thereabouts) and the other two laterals (a little to the east) will run about 7000 feet (or thereabouts), i.e., the two eastern super wells will only produce from about 1/2 of section 2 and the two wells to the west will only produce from about a 1/3 of section 2 . . . with section 11 being fully covered by all four of the wells.

FYI:  Both section 2 and section 11 only presently have one super well in production, which means, per the present spacing of these new laterals, each section possibly will now only have a total of 5 "Reservoir A" HA's, instead of 8.

Also, anyone want to speculate on APC's ability to bring in some good IP's on this type of production?


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Jay, thanks for your insight.

As you may know, the presently producing super wells (in sec. 2 & 11) were operated by J-W.  So if someone were to speculate on which company had the ability to bring in a better double-section horizontal, I'm guessing it might be APC. 

But I could be wrong.  Let's hope that APC will figure out the learning curve on the first new cross-unit lateral before they drill the next three.

We have no experience with Andarko regarding Haynesville operations.  We can say with absolute authority that they mucked up the Austin Chalk in both Pointe Coupee and Avoyelles Parishes.

So I would watch closely as to what they are doing and the results they get.  I wish you best but do not trust them to do anything new and novel with any degree of success.

when is this hearing? did you get a notice in the mail or what?


The hearing is scheduled for July 17.  The law firm Liskow & Lewis sent out the letters.

Does anyone have a copy of it to share?

I can't see anything on the DNR hearing schedule for July 17, only the 16th

does it have a docket number on it? it'll be something like "13-XXX." for instance, there's a hearing on 7/16/2013 with the docket number "13-365." and actually, if this is for 4 new alt wells, it may be 4 different docket numbers that are just sequential.

Bob, this is probably a pre-application notice with local conference date of July 17.  It will not appear in the hearing database or be assigned a docket number until after that date.


Skip is correct.  APC ". . . plans to apply to the C of C for the calling of a public hearing . . . "

And the July 17th date at the law firm in Lafayette is "a conference to discuss the proposed application . . . ."


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