Blue Dome is currently fracing three wells in 34 of 16-16. Can someone give me an estimate as to when first production is reported after initial fracing?

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There is no state requirement on how soon after a frac is finished until the initial production is reported to the state.  Blue Dome doesn't drill a lot of wells so they may have a shorter lag time between completion and report than the major HA operators.  The last Blue Dome three well group was completed and turned to sales on Feb. 23 and reported to the state on March 31.  37 days.  I'd say that would be a reasonable guesstimate.  Hope they are good wells.

Thanks, Skip!

So as not to create a separate thread your time from frac. completion until production reporting comment answers my question well enough Skip on 2 wells (ser. #'s 252918 & 252919) that Goodrich/Paloma completed on 12/2/21 & have yet to be reported on SONRIS, TY Skip as always.

MB, you're welcome.  It's my best guess based on what Goodrich has done most recently.  Since Paloma acquired Goodrich, I think there is increased funding to take advantage of the current price environment.  That could speed things up for all long as there are enough completion crews to handle the increase in wells waiting on completion.


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