I always wondered why the T. Marine Shale stops at the state line, i.e. doesn't extend into Texas (Sabine County)?

Also, for the geologists, has any company ever penetrated the Sabine uplift with an exploratory well? Is it just too deep?

Going back to sleep, ... but I remain hopeful!

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You should be aware that we have the Brookeland (Austin Chalk) in south Sabine, northern Jasper & Newton counties. I would expect that TMS (LA)/EFS (TX) underlies the field but there has not been any drilling in the area since about 2004. Certainly nothing drilled deeper than AC. The Sabine Uplift is challenging to drill so that may account for why there's been no interest in exploring EF/TMS in that region. We had rumors, about 5 years ago, that someone was looking but then the oil price collapsed and the rumors stopped. Maybe someday.




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