There is  some new leasing going on in the TMS over numerous parishes from Avoyelles to Washington Parish.  In West Feliciana Parish leasing activity is brisk but the rates are very low - 3 yr. -5yr. paid up at $125 - $150 per acre and 3/16 royalty is what I am seeing so far. Merlin Energy of Lafayette is leasing and D&J Energy of Monroe has opened an office in St. Francisville to begin leasing according to local news.  Please post any new information or leasing tips  and recommendation here.

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Steve, here is a link to a prior TMS discussion.


It is helpful to keep discussions on the same topic in one discussion thread.  I suggest that you read the other thread and transfer your request to it.

Ok. Thanks


Thanks for the info. I personally would not lease on a paid up lease. Or with anything less than 25%. Anything less only encourages the companies to sit and hold your lease and play keep away. That is what happened to me with Amoco. I leased to them at a very low rate for Austin Chalk drilling back in '95 on a 5 year lease. Then CHK came in with 2 years left on the lease with definite plans to drill and Amoco held them off for the remaining 2 year period and killed my chance of getting a well. It appears that Amoco had no intention of drilling. Just playing keep away. So I will NEVER sign a "paid up" lease and from here forward it may be an escalating rental. 

Yes, Skip is correct there is another thread. It has fallen off the list because of lack of posting activity. If you are new to the site you would not known that. Again thanks for the info. I am South in the EBR area. So this is of GREAT interest to me.


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