TX Regulator to Start Drafting Fracking Fluids Disclosure Rules

State legislation was passed this weekend.  80)




from the article...


The Senate passed the bill last week but the final bill has yet to be signed by Gov. Rick Perry.

Elizabeth Ames Jones, Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, said Tuesday the commission will begin crafting the rules.

“A common sense frac fluid disclosure policy will balance the Railroad Commission’s dual mission to prevent the waste of Texas’s energy resources, and to protect the environment and the public’s health and safety,” Jones said in a statement.


Companies will still be allowed to designate as proprietary certain ingredients in their "recipes," but there will be a mechanism for appeal to disclose.

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I'm glad to see Texas going forward with this. Disclosure only makes common sense given that we are using public waters and the waste from our wells can contaminate water supplies.


I'd like to see a fairly safe standardized fracking fluid.  Do any companies still use diesel fuel?  I think Haliburton has developed a frac fluid that they disclose all their ingredients.


I'm all for disclosure.


However, anytime a politician uses the word "common sense" my radar goes into overdrive...

Actually, there isn't a service company (at least one of the big 4) that openly and completely discloses all of their ingredients, mainly due to proprietary ingredients/mixtures.  Halliburton has "CleanStim" but discloses nothing past the MSDS. Baker's "SmartCare" does the same, and primarily states "BTEX free".  TriCan's "EcoClean" only states "Passes microtoxicity testing". FracTech's "EcoGreen" states "mineral oil based friction reducers and "green" surfactants".   Other smaller companies are similar in their vague statements of disclosure.  Currently, most will not openly venture much past the MSDS.

The only company that is being proactive and currently openly discloses additives in their fracturing fluid systems is Schlumberger.  Their "OpenFRAC" systems cover slickwater, linear gel and crosslinked gel applications, and the message is that these are systems "without Priority Pollutants & National Primary Drinking Water contaminants".  Wherever full, open-disclosure is required, OpenFRAC is offered as a solution to those regulations, such as in North Dakota. 

Paul so valuable, thanks.

So, it's Schlumberger who has developed the fully disclosed frac fluid and not Haliburton??


Some of these names are hilarious!  "EcoClean" and "EcoGreen" fracking fluids.  Next someone will put "100% Earthquake Proof" on a label!


Sorry, I don't mean to be irreverent. I am glad to see any safer fracking fluids on the market.  We need fluids and it's great some companies are responding.  This could be a huge worldwide market.



Obviously, the Texas state legislators haven't been getting enough bribe money from the drillers and are working hard to remedy the situation. 


It's criminal that anyone would even consider the idea that these companies can put this stuff into the environment and not fully disclose the contents.


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