In 2014 my lease expired (3 years + 2 years option) in T11 R11 Section 8.  To my knowledge there is no well drilled in that section.  What is the best way to find a company to lease my 60 acres? 

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There is little activity in your area and fewer HA wells.  11N - 11W is generally considered as a Vine O&G development area.  It is better not to approach a company about a lease but instead to wait until they come to you.  Since you had a lease and it is likely filed of record in the parish clerk of court's record room it should be quite simple for you to be contacted about any future lease offer.  Approaching a company that is not actively leasing in your area is a sure fire way to get their lowest offer.  You could always lease to an investor if bonus is your priority lease term but then you will get a low royalty fraction.  That's how those folks make money.

Thank you for the reminder that patience is a virtue (that can make you or break you, literally).

You're welcome.  There are things you can do while you wait.  Learn how to review well permits in the state database, occasionally do an in person search for recent O&G leases at the clerk's record room, join and participate in the GHS sub-group for your parish.  Good Luck.


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