unusual question regarding transferred royalty rights

So I will try to provide details with out writing a novel

I inherited 50% mineral rights on 5 acres in Caddo Parish.  My mother owns the other 50%. We leased to Chesapeake in 2008.  Production began in 2010.  In 2010 my mother transferred the royalty rights to me through communication with Chesapeake.  I have been receiving all royalty revenue since that time.  I have attempted to do some research and believe the transferred royalty rights from my mother would qualify as a NPRI. 

The question is this - In situation where my mother was selling her 50% mineral rights outright, would I retain the royalty rights that were transferred to me.  They only correspondence I have is the email records of the request to Chesapeake to transfer the royalty interest to me and their approval.  They also mentioned that once done, it could not be undone.

Aside: Chesapeake is no longer the operator/owner of lease/site.  The new owner is Blue Dome.  I preparing to reach out to them to check my status as the 100% royalty interest for this property.

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I suggest having a competent O/G attorney review your paperwork.  I assume you are in the Greenwood Waskom area if your operator is Blue Dome.  Lots of activity there now and in the future make even 5 acres worthy of a legal opinion.  

"Transferring rights by way of communication with Chesapeake" is not how it is done.  A donation of mineral rights would need to be recorded in the public record.  A certified copy of that deed would be required by Chesapeake or any other operator to place you in pay for your mother's one half interest in the mineral right.  Was such an instrument recorded in the public records of Caddo Parish?  If not, it's not official and therefore not legally binding on any party.


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