hello everyone, the black cloud (jack spot) did not rain on my parade. i got my money today !!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so thankful for this . and everyone on this site whom wished me good luck thank you very much!!!!!!!!! and to the black cloud (jack spot) you do not know what you are talking about! i just proved it. chesapeake is not broke. they just paid out $150,000.00 between 4 land owners!!! so take that and stick it where the sun does not shine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and again thanks to all the believers on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My co-worker lives off Pines Rd[west Shreveport] and he got paid also.
the lease was for $15,000 / 25% per acre.
Hey GG, told you things would work out. Don't spend it all in one place unless you pay off a mortgage or something.
And don't forget Uncle Sam wants his share....or am i turning into the ghs black cloud?.....I need to go to my happy place now....
congrats and happy holidays grooooovy groooove
That is fantastic news and it gives me hope.
Has anyone heard anything about the agreements that Tower Hill signed?
congratulations to yoy Groove. My next door neighbor came over last nite and showed me his check. Its a big one also. They paid his draft on Dec. 2. I believe he signed his lease on Oct 3.
Mine has not showed up yet. Mine was a letter of intent signed on 9/4/2008. Probably will not right away. Not worried. take care now.
Who did you sign you letter of intent with? We signed one through Tower Hill Energy back in July and we are still waiting to here something. We do know that the title searches are complete and all is right with those but we have not heard anything else.
Lynne----where are you located. I am in Desoto Parish. Signed letter of intent with Chk.
I am afraid that you and I probably will not hear anything until shortly after the st of the year.
Then we may very well not like what we do hear. They are making some counter offers for 3500 PER ACRE where the intent letter was 12,500 per acre. Like Snake said, they ain't
getting it for nothing. take care now.
Now you can get your groove on!
congrats Groovy Grove. Be sure to keep Uncle Sam's 41%. He needs it to bail out the banking fat cats or the auto industry fat cats or who knows............maybe Chesapeake will ask Uncle sam for a bailout and 41% of your money will go back to them.
May they now drill a well in your section!!!!!!!!!!!!
41% is the Extreme amount
If your taxable income is over $357,700 your Federal tax bracket is 35%. Louisiana tax is 6% so there is your 41%.

Anything less than that you just add it to your income after deductions and pay the Tax Rate of the Income Bracket you wind up in.
This goes for Federal and State Taxes

they just paid out $150,000.00 between 4 land owners

Example below
If the $150,000.00 was split 4 ways = $37,500
If the Landowner had 60,000 income after deductions $60,000 + Bonus Money $37,500 = $97,500 Taxable income

(Without Bonus $)
Married Filling Jointly @ $60,000 = amount due $8,201

(With Bonus $)
Married Filling Jointly @ $97,500 = amount due $17,069

A difference of $8,868 = (23.6%) this is the amount you need to set back from the $37,500 Bonus Money for Federal Taxes
I am to lazy to figure State Taxes

This is only an example and based off the 2008 Tax Table found here

I could be wrong and if so I am sure someone will say so.


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