As I received limited response to my North Caddo group page post, I thought I would throw this out to the entire group. Received an offer to lease mineral rights from USG on a 1-acre parcel I own in North Caddo (Section 4, 18N-14W). They are offering a 20% royalty. I am not familiar with that particular area so maybe that is a fair offer but most of my South Caddo Haynesville mineral leases are for 25% so I am inclined to hold out. Anyone else in that area have any advice?

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Les, if I was you, I would counter with a nine-fortieths (22.5%) royalty and see what USG says.  If they do not agree, take the 20%.  In addition to your small acreage, the fact is that USG/Trinity is the only operator in that area.  There is zero competition for leases unlike South Caddo.  I would prefer that you not end up an unleased mineral owner. 

I'm sorry you didn't get a response in the North Caddo Group page.  The reason is the old notice function for alerting group members with new discussions is no longer working.



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