My family has been contacted by a landman representing Big Lake to lease for $250/acre and 1/5 royalty.  I am a TX oil and gas attorney, but am not familiar with Big Lake and haven't checked the bonus rates recently since I have read about HOT activity in Vernon lately.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  You can also email me at


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novice here... what intersection or town is big lake near? 

also, where if ft. polk field?

Big Lake is a land company, not a place.  Tuscaloosa Trend mentioned a pre-conference notice for a new EOG TMS or LA Eagle Ford drilling unit in the Fort Polk Field.  Someone will post the unit application when it is entered into the Commissioner's Hearing Schedule.  Fort Polk Field does not exist yet.  EOG is in effect creating the Fort Polk Field with their unit application.


thank you.

You're welcome, blackjack.  The EOG Fort Polk unit will give a bunch of members something to follow and share.  As Kirk says in his Tuscaloosa Trend post, this is a rank wildcat and a huge western step out for TMS/LA Eagle Ford prospects.  I've been expecting it for a year.  Good Luck to EOG and the mineral owners in Vernon Parish.


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