Non-Shale (though he states they can take fracking waste) but I thought this was interesting. John O'Hurley who played J. Peterman in Seinfeld is a partner in a waste-energy business, Energy-Inc. Park (terrible name btw) ( Funny guy...and pretty smart too.

"Renewable, sustainable energy solutions and waste management. Energy-Inc Park converts “Negatives into Positives” with proprietary technology in a waste to clean energy process that is environmentally safe, providing innovative and eco-friendly products with 100% recycling."
"Our technology is capable of processing all forms of waste (with the exception of nuclear) as feedstock and converting it into various forms of clean energy. Materials with zero Btu value are sorted and recycled. The Ultimate Gasification © system is capable of poly-generation: the simultaneous production of electricity, steam, hot water, and Biofuels, and it provides for contract sales of resulting commodities."

• Municipality Solid Waste (MSW) / Refuse

• Cooking Oils & Brown Grease

• Medical Waste, Bio-hazardous and Pharmaceuticals

• Paper / Cardboard

• Coal, Petroleum Sludge, Oils, Oil Sands

• Wood, Yard Waste, Biomass,

• Construction & Demolition Materials, Mattresses & Furniture

• Tires / Rubber / Plastics / Textiles

• Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR) or Auto fluff

• Sewage & Sludge Treatment

• Agricultural Wastes, Plant Stock, Manure

• Commercial & Industrial Waste, Chemical Waste

• Environmental Remediation, Soil, Surface & Groundwater

• Brownfield Sites & Redevelopments 

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Snake oil.  Gasification systems have been around a long time.  They work reasonably well with a dry, fairly uniform, feedstock.  Because of the nature of the process, if you can vaporize something (e.g. sulfur, chlorine) from the product, it will be in the syngas.  Many other things are going to concentrate in the char.  Water or fluids condensing out are going to be pretty nasty.  

Most garbage with BTU value is better off being combusted directly, with a good flue scrubber


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