What is going on with Telluron and what does it mean for land owners

I have interest in six wells in section 25-14N-10W in Red River parish. Telluron has been the operator but now we started receiving paperwork from BPX.. now we are hearing Athion is buying Tellurium out ?! I have not received a deposit this month for march production as well as other family members . I checked sonris and clearly all of the wells had nice production . I have called Telluron several times and left messages but no return call as of yet . Anyone that can shed some light on this very confusing situation would be greatly appreciated .

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What was the nature of the paperwork you received from BPX?

We received a paper check this month and last month for operator fees ? I called BPX because didn’t know why we received it anyway I was told we would still receive another check for NG from Telluron. So not sure what is going because neither is very forthcoming with information.

I don't see anything in the well history that might explain this.  And I've never heard of a payment to a mineral lessor for operator fees.  Getting a straight answer out of any of these companies can be like pulling teeth.  I suggest that the next time you call, get a name and an email address.  That way you have a record of your communication.


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