What lease bonus $$$ is acceptable for 2009... the following is how I see it.

Lease Bonuses::

2007.........$100 - $300 / acre leases..................way too low

2008.........$20,000 & up / acre leases...............evidently too high

2009.........$2500 - $10,000 / acre leases ........seems about right

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Depends on where you are, what depths are covered.

Most importantly, How much competetion there is.

A bonus is only what someone will pay. If CHK, HK, Encana, are happy with their acreage, and all they are doing is infill leaseing, bonuses outside the core area will fall.

Or we could have another land rush.

Best thing is to get a good lease, at a bonus that satisfies you.

Wouldn't it be funny if Chesapeake could come up with all the money they need to buy leases for the right price?
Doesn't Obama get the keys to the White House in January? Also, don't many companies begin working off Q1 budgets about the same time?
Jim, Do you think we will see a number of the smaller O&G going under or being purchased because of the lack of credit they need to operate in the acreage they already have leased?
I totally agree. People get hung up on the bonus, better to have all the clauses you want.
If you can.
KB, The Baron

what $$$ bonus would you accept?
Immpossible to answer without knowing location, tract size, drilling location availabilty, % of unit leased (or section in non-unitized areas), depths available, clauses requested by lessor, term of lease for starters.
KB, can they still get away with saying "he/she used due diligence in locating all interested parties..." when you call and talk to them and try and negotiate a good lease for yourself and they won't agree to your terms?HELP
I believe Buesa, contracted out to CHK on property next to ours; sect 5, T13N 15W; and we were called by CHK in June? and didn't agree to meet with them because we told them we were working with a group. The group fell apart and now it's hard to get a lease...I'm told that once a pad is in place it's too late to try and lease?' is this true?
Its not too late to lease even after they drill a well. Especially if they hit a wall hanger. You wouldnt be able to hide from them if you wanted. A group is still the best bet. Even if you dont need any help, that doesnt mean your neighbors dont.
If landmen don't get a commission out of bonus money or lack thereof, why would they care about the price?


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