What lease bonus $$$ is acceptable for 2009... the following is how I see it.

Lease Bonuses::

2007.........$100 - $300 / acre leases..................way too low

2008.........$20,000 & up / acre leases...............evidently too high

2009.........$2500 - $10,000 / acre leases ........seems about right

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Mrs. C - They've sunk to a new low ... offering poultry! Ask 'em if it comes with chicken feed, too. lol :0)

Sorry Skip, I couldn't resist. Been keeping it contained for awhile now.
A little levity is always appreciated sesport. And you should not hold it in too long. You may experience a "lost circulation" event or, heaven forbid, a blow out. If that happens, I'll be sure to send Kevin McCotter. I know that will make you feel better. PS. Don't let him near your cows. Or pets.
Nah, it was starting to feel more like "plugged & abandoned." KM is certainly welcome to come on, but he might not be feeling better ... he may experience "running of the bull(s)." ha, ha, ha

PS - Did you check out the topic in political group re. legislation in committee for NGVs?
Offer in south Shreveport off Colquitt Rd. inside city limits: $1500 ac./25%/3 yr. term in mid May

Offer in north Desoto: $1500 ac./25%/3 yr. term 1st wk of June
Our lease will be up in May. The company just called. I need to know what is currently being offered for mineral rights in De Soto Parish now 4/23/2010. I know that you are to ask. Thank you for your help.

That was pretty cute Sesport. Actually, I hate chicken, turkey, ducks and all things fowl. To my way of thinking, that pretty much sums up the offers...............pretty fowl!
sesport. No. I have sworn off politics.
Town of Blanchard just did a $5000 / 25%
TWIN CITIES offering :Southpark Mall area

$3000 / 25%


$4000/ 20%
UPDATED OFFER IN N. Desoto area not far from Highway 5 & 171: $10,000 per ac. 25%/3 yr. (Dec. 11, 2009 from a small co. majors have offered $6000-8000 per ac.)
$4000/25%/ south Shreveport near Bert Kouns (wk of Dec. 1-4, 2009)


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