I've been hearing this rumour for almost a year now, never thought much of it because it sounded like just a wild rumour. But it's been awfully persistent, someone told me about it again yesterday so I thought I would post about it and see what happens:

The rumour is that there is oil under the shale, that is one of the reasons Chesapeake is being so thorough with the seimograph work in the area (Central DeSoto Parish). I was told yesterday they had brought in a new team of geologists to help read the seismograph results. So-- think there could be anything to this or is it just wild speculation? After all, killing wild rumours is part of the site's purpose.

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I think there is oil down below at deeper levels...the question is can they get to it and produce it in quantities of acceptable levels without going broke. I'll let the Oil and Gas companies figure that one out. Then they can drill on our land! :o)
Bird Dawg, You have an opinion...I have an opinion....your right...and I am always wrong. I wish I could be as smart as you. I hate myself because your so much smarter than me. I hate the fact that you know everything about oil and gas and everyone else is completely wrong. I can live with that. You should be proud of yourself. I am proud of you.

I'm proud of you too Jim Krow. Your always right too.
Don't let him fool you...there's gold, diamonds, and adamantium under the Louann......
Per wiki:

Adamantium is a fictional man-made metal alloy that has been frequently described as being virtually indestructible and the exact chemical composition is a United States government classified secret.
Adam Ant ium. Cut it out Baron, you're killin' me! LOL!
Actually, just because there isn't oil doesn't mean that there isn't anything valuable, eventually you may be able to lease your geothermal rights.
Good point. Although at the expense to drill to those depths it may be a long time before that happens. Also I don't think geothermal would be considered part of mineral rights.
Several years ago, I heard that a natural diamond had been found in a wash gravel pit somewhere around Minden. I never did see any pictures, but I remember it being on the news. It was along about that time that the 'Bigfoot' was scaring folks around this area....
Max, you ought to alert Minden to the opportunity. A Big Foot themed amusement park with a diamond pit. The adults can hunt for diamonds while the kids ride the rides. Maybe throw in some of parker's natural hot water baths. LOL! Well heck, gator parks seem to be enjoying a run of popularity. You just never know what will trip folks' triggers. All Rights Reserved, of course. Ha!
As I said in my original post, "I'll let the Oil and Gas Companies figure out how to get the oil from deep below...then they can drill on our land" :o) No conspiracy there I promise you!


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