I have 75 acres in t14n r10w. What is the going rate for leases? I have been offered $4,000 an acre ( much less than several months ago), but if that is now the going rate I may go for it. How can I find out how much is the going rate?

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Just got off the phone with Robert Sandoz with Pride he said Encana is not renewing leases in section 12 at this time. Will be getting a release next week.
are there others interested in leaseing?
charles, I am unaware of any at this time.
Charles and Skip,
As you stated, Pride Oil & Gas (Lafayette, LA, phone 337-233-8107) handles the leasing for Encana in RRP. We extended our lease with them several months ago in one part of the parish, but at that time, they were only interested in extending leases in certain areas of the parish. For example, they were not interested in extending our lease on several acres in another part of the parish. That may still be their plan, remaining selective on which leases they want to extend.



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