Hello.  I'm hoping someone can tell me where to find the Houston Ship Chanel spot index price for the first of each month (without having to buy a subscription).  Texas Alliance published it daily up until a few months ago.  Also, when you receive a royalty statement, is the Btu content box filled in?  Cabot Oil used to fill it in every month.  Without the Btu value and the price there's no way to know whether the check amount is correct.  When Cabot Oil was handling it, I could fill in the info on my spreadsheet and at the end of the year would be within a couple of dollars of the amount I received.  I'd appreciate any help/suggestions, etc.  Thanks.

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Karen, for accurate and free energy price info, you can't beat the EIA.  The challenge is finding the specific data you desire in the agencies huge database.  You can try searching but you might want to send the agency a query and ask for a link to the HSC price chart.  I don't use that hub in my work so I've never searched for it.

U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)



Thank you!  You're right---it's a challenge.  I tried searching for the info and then took your second piece of advice--send them an email.  I'll let you know what they say.  Thank you again.

You're welcome.  Look forward to their answer.


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