Who... What... When... and Why?

I have suddenly been getting a dozen request for purchase of my Rights on multiple Producing Wells from them all of the sudden with some incredible $$$$ being thrown out there.  

Are they a real company with a History out in San Augustine County? 

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Sorry... but when I see, "Boss Hogg"... my mind pictures General Lee and the Dukes of Hazard Cast! 

Boss Hog Royalties LLC is a Colorado company.  Not sure if they are the same mineral prospectors as Boss Hogg Royalties.  As has been discussed a number of times here on GHS, natural gas is the focus of many mineral companies and the Haynesville is a favorite target.  As I have mentioned previously, offer amounts have reached new highs owing to buyer expectations that natural gas will be in high demand and prices per mcf will be much better over the foreseeable future.  Still value opinions depend on details.  Location, number of remaining wells to be drilled, lateral slots approved, well permits, wells drilling, wells awaiting completion, recently completed wells and the royalty fraction of the leases under those wells are some of the considerations. 

Skip -

Thank you... yeah, I have received 17 request from them alone and another 7 or 8 from other companies in the past two months... Boss Hogg was very high compared to any others and has very little information available when trying to pull them up on the Internet and like I said, brought up more humorous thoughts than actual interest in their request to purchase because of 'flashbacks' to Boss Hogg on the Dukes of Hazard!! 

Not even considering selling, but just interested if anyone had actually heard of them or if it was a joke of some sort!

Thanks again Skip! 

Sorrell Booke and his twin, both with crowns on -

Boss and Abe... the Ying and Yang of Hazard County characters. 


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