Does anybody know how far behind EXCO is on issuing their Division Orders?

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Sent friend request with a message, Is that the right way ?

Thanks, Kelly



Any word on Walker Unit G? Thanks.

The folks at EXCO told me the initial checks would be send out in March - we went away on a trip - got back in early April - no check - called again - the payments had been processed but were in "suspense" - supposedly the "analyst" has now released them from "suspense" and they will be issued on April 25 - we shall see.

Hmmm...that's odd.  I got my first check in February.  Got another in March.  The decline is INCREDIBLE!

I wouldn't panic.  I figure they are choking back as much as possible @ -$2 gas.

How tough is it to change the choking on a producing well?

Very easy.

Yep, I figure they are choking way back, as well.  Between choking the well, and the dramatic drop in nat gas prices, since this well first when into production, the checks are shrinking down to nothing...


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