Our family group got our first batch of royalty checks from BP last week.  All were figured wrong and were very short of what they were supposed to be.  Earlier we were told a lady at BP and her first name is Pushpa would be our contact.  The family administrator of the group has called her several tmes and left messages for her to call............to no avail.  

Have any of you had problems with BP, your check amount or Pushpa? If so, please let me know who and how you got it corrected.  Very frustrating........once they take your gas, they sure cannot make them put it back in the hole.

Thanks, sfadct

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go to oildex start account and see all breakdown of your wells

must have a temp ID from BR rel then log in and owner # and pass word will give complete breakdown of volume sale price

any help needed email jsheffield@gmail.com

Jlee helped me so paying forward

Ours is in San Augustine, with BP, we are now just getting sign on Bonuses with them. First of all they were only offering us $250 per Mineral acre! That is Hog Walsh if you ask me considering another one that we have received in the past from another company on some other land owned by my grandparents back in the 1800's. Then after talking to cousins and other family member, they aren't even offering everyone the same amount per mineral acre,%royalty all different.  

First of all when I got my lease in mail , by FedEx Express, It said to have it signed and NOTARIZED  by a notary and send it back in the envelope that was sent to me. I went that day to NOTARY  and had it signed, NOTARIZED   and everything, then I went to the Main  FedEx Office here in Shreveport and sent it back the same day I received it and even got a receipt so I could track it down and see when they received it, which was the very next morning after 10 :00 AM. The lease stated that as soon as I received mine and had it signed and returned to them , within the next 7 to 10 business day that I will be receiving my check in the MAIL.  It was about 2 months later when I got my sign on bonus check, and there is still some of my family that hasn't received theirs YET!  ALL THIS WAS DATED ON THE LEASE MAY 6TH, WE WERE SUPPOSE TO HAVE IT ALL RETURNED BY MAY 25TH, 2019 BY 5:00 PM  I DIDN'T EVEN GET IT UNTIL 3rd WEEK OF MAY. 


BP is very slow at everything Checks go out on 20th each month, My Bonus was so long ago but that figure is way low !!!!

Have you gone on RRC.gov it will give a overview of activity in your area. If I may ask who is offering the bonus BP or another

We were approached by Blackstone we are just below you in the Caleb Hallaway lease.

If you have an API # I could look to see what has been permitted if you like.

 Hope this helps


From start to finish about 10 months to drill well and get om line

BP is the one who offered the $250 on the first set of papers I received. I called Mr. Bailey Fender mysself, he is the one that is over ours in BP. He works with TED W. WALTERS & ASSOCIATES, LLC.

I refused that amount myself as I've been reading on these groups that most of em from Texas were getting $500 per mineral acra, so that is what I asked for and got it for myself, one of my cousins that lives in San Augustine, and my sister in law and neice that both live in Stonewall, La. But then after talking to my family members, Bailey Fender still was giving each of us different options, I got 3 years with 2 year option, the others got 5 years! I can't understand this at all as I've already got my sign on bonus check and used it already.

What I want to know though is this, which is a better option! Is a 3 year with 2 year option better or is a 5 year option better? What is the difference?

So after receiving my sign on bonus check, about how long will I have to wait to start receiving my Royalty checks now? Does anyone have a idea?

Pushpa is very bad at returning calls I have been dealing w her since my guy moved to another dept.

We finally got to the bottom of our problem.  The original landman (woman) gave us some wrong information.  First, she gave us written info telling us 13 surveys that we had interests in.  Also, gave us written decimal of what our % of the royalty that would go to our family.  As it turns out, we only have interest in one survey and the decimal % given to us was partially correct because two more fraction were added to it that drastically reduce our royalty checks.  Then we could not get any responses back from Pushpa and BP.  Finally, we got a lawyer that finally got in contact with some people at BP that were a part of the original research.  It was a mess and BP said the landman was a third party company out of Longview that was contacting land and royalty owners.  Basically, the landman only gave us part of the story on the royalty % and no one knows where she got the info we were a party to those surveys????  All was handled very unprofessionally.  We do get a royalty check monthly. 

It would be helpful to post the name of the land company that your landman (woman) was working for.  Whatever erroneous information she provided likely came from that land company as they were task with doing the title work.  And obviously did a poor job.  Major and mid-major E&P companies often use "land companies" to do the bulk of their lease work.  There are not enough company landmen to handle the actually offer contacts.  If a land company is performing poor due diligence or passing along incorrect information, the membership might benefit from knowing the name.  Sorry to hear that you had to get an attorney involved to get this straightened out.

Was her name Sabrina Waynel? If it is, yea she talked a lot of CRAPE and said a lot of stufff to us from the very beginning., Sabrina was telling us how wealthy that our great grandfather was and how much land that he owned, and through several different counties he owned all kinds of land everywhere. She came to Shreveport and we met in person and had lunch together while we talked, and I was supplying her with some of our family info for her to make it easier on her, but I couldn't understand how she started pulling up names of ppl, we never heard of and not too sure if they were even related in any way, now she has had her phone disconnected and the only place that any of my family members have seen her regularly is in the Game Rooms in Texas enjoying herself, while she was suppose to be working, and also while we were waiting for phone calls back from Bailey Fender  like at any minute while I'd be sitting close to phone, I was told by cousin in San Augustine County, that they saw Bailey Fender driving through town in his new truck pulling his great big beautiful boat behind him! I'm glad someone had time to take off from work for over a whole week and enjoy theirselves at our expense.



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