McGinty Durham filed 800 leases in Miller County on June 1.  Some of them were dated 2010 (race state). At this writing, no assignments. I have been told they are leasing for Stroud Petroleum. Stephens Land also filed approximately 50-60 leases recently and have already assigned to Enduro.

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Can we say somethin' is a foot?

Hey Rebecca, where did you hear this information from?  800 leases or leases on 800 acres?  Any idea what part of miller they are concentrated in?

Clerk from Miller County Courthouse. Technically it is 800 Lessors some leases had more than one person on the lease...but it was very close to that & a bunch of leases. I did a cursory check on the STR and I will post that info as soon as I can. From memory it is Township 19 & 20S R 28W and Township 19 & 20S Range 27W pretty much the area along the AR/LA line...more later.


I own the following mineral acreage....w1/2 sect. 27,t19s,27w {70.3 ac,) and

28 acres in sect 34, t19s,r27 w.Miller county...............Never been contacted by anyone,  Would you know if this acreage is in the area of interest?  Appreciate any info.



Jim B.

Jim,, email me at   I have leased very close to you I think

hey, so did you lease with someone? I also have mineral interest in Miller, with lease in hand I wonder if I am leaving money on the table. If so, did you obtain a favored nation clause in the amendment section?

Chester, did you have a lease offered to you? If so, what company and if I may ask what terms? Did you get a favored nation clause?

I was approached by Stephens to lease my minerals for $175, 3 yrs 3/16 royalty....I'm in Miller Cnty 33/18/28 & 32/18/28.  Nothing mentioned about zones, oil or gas, TD, etc. 

From what I have been reading here on GHS, that is a terrible lease. I would check in to what others here are 350 t0 400 bucks and acre and 20 to 25 percent royalty....

Mike where are you in Miller Co.--near what used to be Era, ARk. near Doddridge? Mind if I ask what co. you signed with and the terms?

CoRd 159 & StHwy 160 between Bloomburg & Brightstar.  The deal is now $200/ac + 20%.  Nothing else is going on around there as far as I know.  Has anyone else been offered anything in this area?

Yes I leased property near Ravanna Ar about 4 months ago to Stehpens Land

200 + 20% 3 yr lease 2 yr option  I used attorney Mays in atlanta, he experiend in these issues.


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