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Interesting stuff. I see the permit is on yesterday's list from the AOGC, listed under a company called C6.  C6 also has a permit in Union Co. for a Smackover well.

What's really interesting is that Wieser-Brown has a permit for Nevada Co. for a Fayetteville well.  Must be planning a really long extended reach lateral...

C6  is drilling ahead at 3660'.

Is this the Haynesville, or the LSBD?

The application is for a vertical Haynesville with the possibility of a horizontal in the future.

Is C6 the same as Cypress Operating?  We recently leased a few mineral acres in Columbia for the "North Kerlin Prospect", going down to top of Smackover formation.  It seems they were a smaller outfit anxious to proceed.

Joe, I don't think they are. While they are both out of Shreveport, they have different addresses.

There are a lot of Pettit wells being drilled in your area. Do you mind disclosing who leased your acreage?

Joe, here are some new Pettet permits in the Kerlin field.

We have a substantial interest in the Buckner field, a smaller land ownership south of Magnolia (subject to a brine lease to Albemarle) and teeny-tiny interests in the old El Dorado field.  We own a spot more royalties scattered around East Haynesville and a small parcel of land in Lillie.  As a hillbilly who has no intention of moving to Hollywood, I am following this with interest but no extravagant expectations.  I enjoy the posts.  Thanks for the info.

The report now says "Drilling ahead" but "Correct spud date on 5/30/14"

This well, the Garrett 1-2, serial # 47255, was completed on 7/18/14 to produce 47 barrels of 46 gravity oil and 254 MCF gas, according to the current (8/22/2014) AOGC permit/completion report.Perforations are in the Haynesville from 10830 to 10909 feet.

I'm no expert, but I find this interesting. First, I didn't think the Haynesville was prospective in AR. Second, I thought the H'ville was dry gas only. 47 bbl and 250M gas isn't great, but for a vertical well, seems interesting.

Anyone out there that knows have any insight for us?  


Along the AR/LA state line the Haynesville formation is not shale as it is farther south, but sandstone, and this sandstone formation has been producing both oil and gas since at least 1921, when the town of Haynesville, LA, had its oil boom.


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