Two proposed Cotton Valley horizontal wells in Dorcheat-Macedonia field of Columbia County

Today's Magnolia Reporter says the AOGC granted 2 permits last week to Bonanza Creek Energy Resources  for horizontal Cotton Valley wells   []

The horizontal leg of these wells must be extremely short, however, or the vertical depth is in error, because the latter is reported as 8800 feet and total measured depth is given as about 8900 feet. The completion of a Cotton Valley vertical well in the same township is also reported, but it has a total depth of 7668 feet with perforations between 6523 and 7487 feet.

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The wells are vertical, not horizontal.  The newspaper just got it wrong.  No company would drill a horizontal well with a 100' and 65' lateral.  The MDs may indicate a directional well but certainly not a horizontal.


44782 03 027 11834 Cloette 3 Dorcheat Macedonia TVD: 8800' Cotton Valley

Bonanza Creek Energy Resources, LLC SHL: 1234' FSL & 340' FEL Columbia MD: 8900'

1331 Lamar, Suite 1135 13-18S-22W

Houston, TX 77010 Latitude: N 33.17254617º

Reliance Well Services Longitude: W -93.33129726º

8/20/2011 PBHL: 1663' FSL & 364' FWL


Latitude: N 33.17374752º

Longitude: W -93.32895893


44783 03 027 11835 Cloette 4 Dorcheat Macedonia TVD: 8800' Cotton Valley

Bonanza Creek Energy Resources, LLC SHL: 2520' FNL & 849' FWL Columbia MD: 8865'

1331 Lamar, Suite 1135 Latitude: N 33.17676640º

Houston, TX 77010 Longitude: W -93.32726107º

Reliance Well Services PBHL: 2340' FSL & 1340' FWL

9/4/2011 Latitude: N 33.17551271º

Longitude: W -93.32570278º


Bonanza Creek  seems to be having good luck with its Cotton Valley wells in the Dorcheat Macedonia  field. The AOGC and Magnolia Reporter reported 4 more completions last week. Interestingly one of these 4, like the above wells, seems to be some sort of directional well in that the surface hole and bottom hole have different co-ordinates; and this well produced 227 BOPD compared with 104, 47, and 37 BOPD for the other 3 wells. Is this just coincidence or are they onto something with this directional drilling?

Are any of you interest owners?  If so, what are you thoughts on ALL the WOs that will be happening in 2014.  Most so far with very little increase (if any) barrels... 

Also your thoughts on the lenticular nature of the productive sands have allowed for current field development at 10-acre spacing and potential development down to 5-acre spacing.


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