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thanks to both of you - gives me a good feel for how they may drain the formations as responses are very informative.

Quick followup - are any zones in AC or TMS thick enough to require them to 'stack' laterals on top of each other?  Seems I've seen log data showing pay zones over 1000' thick, but certainly no expert in this area so not sure if this is even doable.  

Way too early to determine if there are multiple sub benches in either the AC or TMS.

Beware of log sections indicating very thick pays - they tend to be grossly exaggerated and do not address multiple key factors that will dictate if a horizontal target interval is valid or not.

ConocoPhillips has filed for a well permit for the AUS C RA SUA in the Freeland Field.  The proposed total depth is 17,500 feet Measured Depth and 15,500 feet True Vertical Depth.  I have heard that the planned spud date is September 1.

The permit isn't in the database this morning.  I'll check back later in the day.

Here you go.



Good luck on the well

off of hwy 68 ?

Yes, west of Highway 68.

COP McKowen #1 permit and well plat.  Note that this is a twelve month permit ($2,528) and that the TVD and MD are for a ~2,000' (short) lateral.  COP can always amend this permit but it is usual to permit a deeper TVD than anticipated and a longer lateral length.  That way you do not have to stop operations to submit and wait for approval if you wish to go deeper or drill a longer lateral.

Dang, got the filenames are reversed but you guys can still use them.  :-)



Despite what the TVD and MD says, plat shows a 6153' lateral.

Something not jiving here! 

Hello guys, John from EBR. Today Aug 29th I received a call from a family member in St Helena Parish. Looks like Amelia is reaching out in St Helena and making offers. He is about 4-5 miles East of the Amite River and on the North side of Hwy 37. Does anyone have anything they can add. Any knowledge to others besides Amelia wanting to lease.
John EBR



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