Southwind AC Units formed in Maters Creek Field, Evangeline and Rapides parishes

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Thanks, found it. 

Have searched, without success, for a La map detailing the Sections, Townships,  and Ranges. Do you know where I might find such a map? 

It is under the GIS section of Sonris.  You can toggle on wells, bottom holes, sections, townships, etc.  

Darrell, you can also use the link below, in the "Search By" box click on the drop down arrow and choose either the company name, Southwind, or the field name, Masters Creek.  When you search you will see a list of unit applications (I used Southwind because there are existing units in the Masters Creek Field operated by others).  Click on "Hearing Application" and scroll through until you get to the unit plats.  Then make a copy.

The  map that I use that includes section-township-range is Mapsco's "The Roads Of Louisiana".  I think it is now out of print but I have not checked in a while.  LA DOTD has good maps by parish.  Here is a link to the website. us another.  Just search for ie Rapides Parish, LA in search box and zoom until townships and sections appear.  They will appear automatically.  You can search via Parish or Town etc.  If you want a good paper one you can get US Forest Service ones at local USFS office.

Thank you too, Lisa. 

Jay and Skip, 

Thanks, both of your responses proved helpful. 


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