Southwind AC Units formed in Maters Creek Field, Evangeline and Rapides parishes

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So this appears to be directly north (and touching) the unit the Crowell well is in. Obviously they are pleased with that well thus far. 

Sounds good and promising to me!

Thx for posting Skip,, the play has been extremely quiet.  Haven’t seen those units posted on La DNR yet, are there other places to look? 

The unit application is on the Commissioner's public hearing schedule.  When you go to the hearing schedule in the database change the last date blank.  Just delete the 2 for the month and replace it with 3 and you should see the application.

Smart people disregard this post. The rest of you, if you need help finding this:

1) go to sonris

2) under third section that says need help?, click useful sonris documents

3) now click conservation (on left side of screen)

4) now click hearings-oil and gas

5) where it says search by date, change the 2 in 2/28/2019 to a 3,then click find documents

6) scroll to bottom and you will see the masters creek hearing application and hearing notice

It took me a long time to figure this out. So I do not fall into the smart people category:). Thought I might save u some time and frustration

Thanks, David.  I look at the Commissioner's docket every day and notice when the dates don't move forward as they should.  It happens occasionally and there is usually only one or a small handful of the latest applications that don't appear with the pre-set search dates.

I see that southwind has a 2400 acre unit on the hearing docket for sept 17-rapides parish. Township 1 south, range 1 west, sections 3,10, part of 11,2,9 and 4

Is it in the new large 3D survey?

Yes, the 2400 acre unit is in the 3D shoot. 

Southwind permitted a new well in Rapides Parish today. 

I see that!   Sounds good and they are coming more North.


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