At last an Avoyelles dedicated group. For general price information, I leased in Spring of 2011, 160 ac in S6-T2S-R3E, (Near Eola) for $275 per acre and 21% no cost, but my lease was for a max depth of 11,500. The leasing company said they were looking at Wilcox only.

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Has anyone been contacted by a group called KEW Drilling?  Word on the street is they are making lease offers up in NW Avoyelles.  I can't see where they have ever drilled a well anywhere in Louisiana per Sonris.

Pride rented some land of a friend in December near Centerpoint in NW Avoyelles. They said they were leasing for a another company but did not disclose the name. They were going after Tuscaloosa, not Austin Chalk.

KEW buy low sell high will never drill

KEW has traditionally been a water well driller.  They are a flipper - buy leases low and sell to a larger company for way more.  This is what I was told.


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