Lease offers: Avoyelles / Date of Offer / Royalty % / Bonus Per Acre / Years / Acreage Amount

Louisiana-Avoyelles Parish      05/04/2011      20.00%      $200.00      3 years      90.00
Louisiana-Avoyelles Parish      01/05/2012      20.00%      $150.00      3 years      45.00
Louisiana-Avoyelles Parish      09/17/2012      25.00%      $500.00      3 years      24.00
Louisiana-Avoyelles Parish      09/09/2012      25.00%      $500.00      3 years      90.00

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I have been working in Avoyelles all week and there are 8 to 10 landmen/abstractors working in the courthouse and from what intel I gather they are all abstracting and not buying leases. I have  a gut feeling  that most are working for  EOG on clean-up work. Thank the Good Lord for legacy lawsuits or I wouldn't be doing much at all. This time last year Avoyelles  Courthouse was packed like sardines in a can.

state lease sale 07/09/2014-

43990 AVOYELLES 1, 10 T02S R02E 7.150 21448 WESTWIND EXPLORATION, LLC 7.150 7.150 $3,575.00 $500.00 $1,787.50 0.2000000 0.2000000 1

david, part of your cut-and-paste is missing.  That happens quite a bit on the right hand margin.  Suggest you paste this into a word document and then delete all but the important parts to make the text string shorter.  If you'd prefer you can just type a reply with the size and location of the bid tract with the bonus per acre and the royalty.

okay, sorry Skip, I have a real fit trying to post this, but this is usually very interesting information.  I was very happy to see this small tract of land get leased today.

The tract was 7.150 acres, the bid was $500 for a total of $3,575.  It is in section 10, Township 02S, and Range 02E.    leased by Westwind Exploration LLC  .20 bonus

Looking for some interest on the West side of the TMS

Thanks, david.  I sometime have fits with the site architecture also.  The .20 is actually the royalty, is it not?

yes, the .20 is the royalty. 

I believe this is in the area of the old Eola Field.   Likely nothing to do with TMS or AC.

Looking at the comments over the past 18 months, sounds like Two Dogs, Pirate was more intuitive than he may have realized.  Information from someone on the ground in the area knows that they are drilling nearby.  The land we own is evidently just next to David as my research back in 2/2012 showed we were in the area S2, E2.  I am thinking David and I are virtual neighbors.  The land is in Eola.  We have a current lease.

I would really like to talk to you a little about your bid if you are interested.

As of July 4 there were no rigs running in Avoyelles Parish.  And currently there is no permit to drill listed by the state for the parish.  If there is drilling going on nearby, it's not in Avoyelles Parish.

Okay, update.  They are in fact drilling in Avoyelles and producing.  In fact, one well in our same location/section/area - is actively producing.... looks like several hundred barrels over the last few months.  Very relevant as we have just signed a contract with an oil man who we have talked with before but did not sign with until this week.  Instead, we signed with a company that did not drill.  We've signed two leases each for three years over the past six years, the first went bankrupt and the second hasn't made any moves.

Currently, we have agreed to $200/ac bonus and 25% on product.  We've granted okay for them to put the rig on our land but several neighbors have signed on.  Our great grandfather owned the land area along with his brother.  They even had gas pumps on the land for the farm.  The wells  were capped in the seventies. 

Please understand,.... we aren't doing the Jed Clampitt jig just yet.  Last year we each received checks for $12 in royalties (yeah, that would be an average of a buck a month) from another company (Condor Petroleum) in another area where we still own mineral rights.

This new drilled well will be a surface well. We are in Section 1, 2S, 2E in Avoyelles.  Although we have always called the land as being in Eola, the map shows Bunkie?  It borders Bayou Boeff.  Growing up we heard alot of stories from Bunkie, Eola, Marksville, Indian Bayou, etc.  This is so cool because in addition to the money bonuses every three years (from companies who buy our permission to drill but haven't proceeded), it has led we descendants to recount other stories that have nothing to do with oil or money. 

So, the facts are that there are several active wells in Avoyelles, one is "goin perty good" as described by our renter/neighbor, and there will be a surface well being drilled in the near future, located in Section 1, S2, E2.

Thanks SO MUCH to David Crockett for help in figuring out stuff, getting accurate information, and helping me to learn what is available through state research.  Additional thanks to the site developer and all others who contribute.  Cudos to all!



There is one new permit in Avoyelles.  If there is drilling underway it began quite soon after the permit date.  No rig was reported in the parish last Friday.

Skip - I've got a client interested in leasing about 1,000 acres in 35/1N/5E and 2/1S/5E in Avoyelles Parish.   This property appears to in an EOG lease block for the TMS trend.  What are your thoughts for the potential for leasing in this area currently?


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