Lease offers: Avoyelles / Date of Offer / Royalty % / Bonus Per Acre / Years / Acreage Amount

Louisiana-Avoyelles Parish      05/04/2011      20.00%      $200.00      3 years      90.00
Louisiana-Avoyelles Parish      01/05/2012      20.00%      $150.00      3 years      45.00
Louisiana-Avoyelles Parish      09/17/2012      25.00%      $500.00      3 years      24.00
Louisiana-Avoyelles Parish      09/09/2012      25.00%      $500.00      3 years      90.00

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CBW, I am unaware of any active leasing in Avoyelles currently.  However I have not done a search for leases recently recorded in the public records of the parish.  Conversely I know several parties that have active leases who would very much like to sell them.  Those leases were taken several years ago and were considered at the time prospective for the TMS.  Subsequent drilling rendered those leases of little value owing to poor results.

Thank you, Skip.  I appreciate your insight.  

Received my cut of latest oil lease -

Louisiana-Avoyelles Parish - leased August 2014, 25%,  $200.00   3yrs.   40+ ac.

Found out that the lease price of $500/ac paid by the same company was to access state right of way and part of Bayou Boeff.  We received $200/ac.  Lease is for three years, with the standard automatic for 2 more if.....  Recent seismic survey makes company optimistic.  Says nearby well bringing in est. 70 barrels/day.   All land in Avoyelles.

Negotiating for "servitude agreement" to have well pad placed on our land.  Does anyone have any idea what rate one typically might get for that sort of agreement?

$20,000 for 3-4 acres is the last good price I heard, That was almost twenty years ago, so if it went the was of pipeline row's it could be a lot higher now. Personally, if it was me, I would not let that kind of money stand in the way of drilling a well on my property. It's kind of like the old hi-way row scheme whereby you give 'em the land and in the process they will create some high-dollar real estate frontage free of charge.


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