Does anyone know what section the well is in that is behind Tim Collins Home on Lake Road?

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Section 7-T 16N-R9W
Madden "6" H #1
SN 240214
I drove by last Tuesday & looked like they are taking the tower down. Any info about it?
The rig came down & they said "Its going to be a good one". He also commented they all have been good so far. Will be bringing in equipment in next mt. to frac the will & bring it in. Pipeline is already been put down.
On the permit for this well it shows that the location is in sec 7 and the lateral is in sec 6, therefore the productions will be for sec 6.

250' FNL & 1050' FEL OF SEC 7. PBHL: 250' FNL & 1140' FEL OF SEC 6.

PBHL is Planned Bottom Hole Location

FraTech is onsite now.

Earlene loving her donuts :-D
Thanks for the info!!
I have learned to read the Sonris lite reports and they have some very informational maps. I shows the lateral on the map as you described. Waiting now for the results. Yahoo!!!
Petrohawk, Madden 6 #H1 Well, Serial #240214, S7(6)-T16N-R9W

02/24/2010 08 17180 WAITING ON STATE POTENTIAL

Will the results be made public on this webpage?
If the state takes as long as it does to get resullts, it will be 3 or 4 months if we are lucky before we know anything.
You know it is the operator and not the state that is responsible for the delay in reports being filed. Aren't you registered with the state as an operator?
Ah yes, Summit Petroleum Company, L.L.C.
Three wells listed on Sonris operated by your company.
And no production reported on any of them. Two dry holes and one shut in.
Not my company??????????
COMPLETED 2-6-10; GAS; HAYNESVILLE RA; 8239 MCFD; 14/64 CHOKE; 8524# CP; PERFS 12,305-17,010' MD
do you have a web link to these type of maps?


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